Choose Your Own Alara

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"Hey! Guard! I could really use some heals," you shout.

No response.

"Just clasp your hand within the sunbeams in your cell!" someone says. It appears you have company in the next cell over.

"Who are you?" you ask.

"My name is Elspeth," she says. "I was Bant three days ago for questioning the decisions of the Asura. More like ass-sura amirite."

"Well thanks for the tip, Elspeth," you say. You reach out toward the sunbeam and attempt to grab it. Your headache disappears; in fact, you feel 3 life better than perfect now!

Suddenly, the ground begins to quake! What did you do, you idiot? You peer out one of the wall slits and see a massive distortion pulse rushing your way.

"You have to choose a target!!" you hear Elspeth scream in the din of the shardquake.

What do you do?

- Choose the smelly old guy who shares the cell with you. You're seriously done with that.

- All in all you've got to choose a brick in the wall.

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